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The "Brief" bit

An irony exists that ideas in business, sales and marketing come more by luck and chance in a noisy world of information overload. This should not be.

Great potential ideas can seem almost non existent on the search engines and social media. Make no mistake, they are there but the reality is that relatively few persist beyond a couple of pages or scroll perhaps endlessly in vain to find them.

This has got to hurt and be a source of frustration and stress for creators of great ideas (Websites, resources & people) and those in business sales and marketing who would love more ideas at their fingertips.

We felt a compelling need to solve that from two perspectives of demand (people) and supply (companies). One as a source, the other as a marketing channel.

Thus, we created MeetMapper as a curation platform of B2B ideas entirely driven & leveraged by it's members; hence "A people engine". It's somewhere specifically to go to for knowledge on what is out there in the B2B world. Better still, how to use these ideas and gain a reputation, some respect, knowledge and expertise in the process.

MeetMapper is a platform that we deliberately created to be guided by the Members who join. Right now, it's beta....very beta but we are pushing it out regardless leaving it up to Members to decide how it might develop from here.

The "Story" bit

This all started in 2009. But the original MeetMapper actually was a comprehensive report on a person and company for introductions we set for clients.

We gathered hundreds of sources of websites, resources and people in this process. Many of these were new to us, never previously heard of. Looking at the state of B2B social media, we took a gamble that there was a silent frustration out there with little choice other than search engines. So we created a "People Engine", MeetMapper which at the time of writing is raw, unfinished and built on a shoestring on a part time basis. We are three. Julie, Alex and Russell.

We've only got together once since properly focusing on MeetMapper since 2016 . Julie & Alex live in France. Russell in the UK. Our thanks goes out to Russell for his help and guidance throughout. (If you are thinking of employing him, do it fast because he's a priority once MeetMapper becomes profitable. Being so different, what drives us is the idea and concept of MeetMapper; what it might do for people and businesses out there.

So with plenty of mistakes and disasters, we decided to go for a quasi-Facebook look as a temporary measure to launch. We want to give people a chance to see what we are trying to achieve as early as possible. But the immediate challenge, is getting out the existing content as  an example what people should expect and do. Some very helpful pioneer Members kindly allowed us to use their accounts for this purpose.

The immediate future is exciting. Long term, it's mind blowing. We won't deny we need help where we can get it. There are so many people and companies we believe need something different and focused.

We reach out to each and every person in business, sales and marketing to be a part of the solution. Our belief is that there are major market sectors that scream out to be heard and openly allowed to demonstrate their skill and expertise. Those technically retired for example but who have all that experience bottled within. Or the up and coming at the other end of the spectrum who, for different reasons and circumstances, have so much energy and ideas. Oh and to companies who realize a fresh new channel to market and sell has been born.

Literally whilst typing, we are creating and developing MeetMapper. It's the start of something we want our Members to shape over time.

That's our story so far; we invite you to be a part of the future.


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The team of 3

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Alexander Kulesza

Founder & CEO

An MBA (Henley), door knocking, telesales, field sales, freelance and business owner.


Julie Kulesza

Founder & Head of Common Sense

Door knocking, telesales, field sales and juggling things as a Mom.


Russell Baker

Tech Guru & Mentor

Self confessed "Ethical Hacker", self taught in all things web development.

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