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MeetMapper, the starting point for people in business, sales and marketing. network of people to share ideas on what they find, use and sell.

This is an exciting journey where together we can create something special. 

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In Business, sales or marketing, nothing beats a good idea.

Something that earns money, saves on cost or time, makes you more effective or efficient. Perhaps it helps on branding. 

But finding an idea? In one place? Where you can sell? That's a tall order! It's equally a problem for those creating and selling these ideas.  

The answer is MeetMapper where ideas are leveraged by Members.

Post what you find, use or sell.

Join MeetMapper and be part of the solution.



Focused groups makes things easier. Logical. No irrelevant post like what 37 plus 3 make!


Members have a clean to-the-point profile to promote themselves and their company.

Social Media

MeetMapper is a social media specifically for the business community. A platform for potential business and business relationships via ideas.

Earn a reputation

Creating posts and helping other Members can pay-it-forward and earn a reputation

Promote & Sell

MeetMapper is an opportunity to promote you and your business. 

Shape MeetMapper

Members help shape the look, feel and experience at MeetMapper via the Your Constructive Feedback Group